3 Signs It May Be Time for a Root Canal

Posted on: November 7, 2016

Root Canal

A root canal may be one of the most dreaded phrases in dentistry. It has a reputation for being an intensive, painful procedure, however, the majority of root canal patients experience very little pain throughout the treatment. In many ways, the procedure feels about the same as a standard filling.

Root canal therapy is used to preserve a tooth in which infection has gotten down into the pulp, nerves, and blood vessels within the root of the tooth. Once the infection has reached this point, part of the tooth may no longer be living tissue, but the structure can be preserved to avoid undergoing a total tooth extraction and dental implant. The procedure involves removing infected or damaged pulp and then cleaning, filling in, and sealing the tooth.

So, how will you know if you might need a root canal? The three most common symptoms include:


A toothache can indicate a wide range of dental issues, but the type of pain may help narrow down the cause. For example, if the pain tends to throb with your heartbeat and increases or lessens when you stand up or lay down, the tooth may be infected down at the roots. Additionally, if the pain is so severe that it wakes you in the night, you may need a root canal to resolve the issue.

Tooth Sensitivity

When the pulp and nerves within the tooth are infected or decayed, even the slightest pressure can cause excruciating pain. In some cases, the intense pain may occur at random times, and in others, eating or drinking hot or cold food and beverages can be particularly painful. The discomfort may also linger well after the pressure or exposure to extreme temperatures has stopped.

Tender Gums and Swelling

A tooth infection can also lead to painful swelling and tenderness around the affected tooth. The swelling may be so extreme that one side of the face and even the neck may be noticeably bigger than the other and brushing near the tooth can be incredibly uncomfortable. For some people, the gums may be so swollen that identifying which tooth is infected may be difficult for the patient.

Is it Time for a Root Canal?

Pain or tenderness does not automatically mean that you will need a root canal, but it is a sure sign that you should schedule an appointment with a skilled dentist in Los Angeles. With a thorough examination and X-rays, Dr. Aurasteh can diagnose the cause of your pain and create an effective treatment plan to provide the relief you need and to preserve your healthy smile.

Get in Touch with a Los Angeles Dentist

To learn more about root canal therapy, please contact Oral Care Dentistry in Beverly Hills today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Aurasteh is one of the best root canal Dentists in Beverly Hills. Give us a call at (310) 974-6779 or make an appointment online!



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