A Quick Guide to Flossing and Why You Should Be Doing It

Posted on: July 7, 2017

FlossingLet's face it: Flossing isn't fun. Opening your mouth wide and running a waxed string around your teeth and under your gums is awkward at best. But it is necessary for a healthy and beautiful smile. If you find yourself resisting this must-do daily habit, here are some reasons to break through that wall and break out the dental floss.

Flossing Keeps Your Teeth Whiter

Your pearly whites won't be pearly or white if they're lined with brown tartar. Tartar starts as a colorless, sticky film called plaque that forms on and between the teeth. While regular brushing removes some plaque, toothbrush bristles can't effectively clean between the teeth. The leftover plaque collects bacteria and oxidizes into tartar. Untreated tartar deposits can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and even organ failure.

Flossing Means Less Dental Work

Once tartar forms, the only way to remove it is through chipping it away with specialized tools at the dentist's office. If you floss regularly, your dentist may not have much – or any — tartar to remove, which will make your visit all the more comfortable.

Avoids Embarrassment … and Gum Disease

Flossing loosens and removes food particles that get lodged between teeth and underneath the gum line. These bits of food can not only be embarrassing, if they're not removed they can lead to periodontal disease and permanent tooth decay.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy

The bacteria and inflammation associated with plaque and tartar not only wreak havoc on your teeth, they disrupt and damage other areas of your body as well. Researchers have recently discovered that poor oral health has been associated with life-threatening and debilitating conditions, such as heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Ready for a Camera-Ready Smile?

If you're ready to trade in a few minutes a day for a healthier, brighter smile (and heart), here's how to do it:

  • Wrap about 18 inches of dental floss around your index and middle fingers.

  • Hold the floss tightly in a C shape around each tooth

  • Push and pull the floss while also working it up and down against the side of each tooth

  • Be sure to clean underneath the gumline on both sides of each tooth.

That's it! It couldn't be simpler. You can choose from dental floss, dental tape or disposable dental picks. Any of these will get you one step closer to a Hollywood smile.

Head to Beverly Hills

In addition to thrice-daily brushing and flossing, to maintain optimal oral health you will need to have your teeth professionally cleaned and checked by a dentist at least twice a year. Dr. Aurasteh and her team can be reached at Oral Care Dentistry in Beverly Hills by calling (310) 974-6779 or simply fill out our email form.