What Is Snap-On-Smile and How Can It Help Me?

Posted on: March 15, 2017

Snap-On Smiles>If you are uncomfortable with your teeth for any reason, our Beverly Hills dental office can help you with Snap-On Smile. Whether you want a more beautiful smile for every day or you just want to improve your appearance for a special occasion, Snap-On Smiles were created to provide an easy avenue for a more attractive smile and dental structure.

What is Snap-On Smile?

Snap-On Smile is a solution for imperfect smiles created for people that do not have a desire to go through extensive dental work and do not want to pay thousands of dollars for the perfect smile. A Snap-On Smile is a thin, flexible device that securely fastens to the teeth to provide people with the smile they have always wanted. We can do this without all the hassle to accomplish dental work.

What are Snap-On Smiles made of?

Snap-On-Smiles are a blend of dental resin technology that creates a thin but durable and resilient finished product.

What does Snap-On Smile cover up?

Snap-On-Smile can hide a variety of dental flaws including slightly crooked teeth, gaps in teeth, missing teeth, stained teeth and unsightly enamel.

Can I use Snap-On Smile instead of dentures?

People can use Snap-On Smile as an alternative to partial dentures. They provide a realistic, natural-looking, and beautiful smile in a convenient form.

Can I get Snap-On Smile if I have multiple missing teeth?

For anyone with missing teeth, the Snap-On Smile treatment is a perfect option to consider. Snap-On-Smile can mold to what teeth a patient has and provide the patient with a full set of attractive dental substitutes. Of course, each individual case is different, so we will need to give the patient’s dental structure a thorough examination before we proceed with the process.

Does it hurt to get Snap-On Smile?

The Snap-On Smile procedure is absolutely painless. We will gently make a mold of the patient’s teeth that will require no extra pain management and no dental modifications. The teeth will not be disturbed in any way.

Will Snap-On Smiles affect my speech?

Snap-On-Smile may cause a brief lisp that the patient will have to adjust to. It will only take one or two weeks to become completely comfortable speaking with the Snap-On Smile in place. We suggest that patient’s wear it all day before going to bed for a quicker transition.

Can I use Snap-On Smiles permanently?

Yes, they can be used as a temporary or permanent solution to unsightly teeth.

As you can see, our Snap-On Smiles really are for anyone who wants a more attractive smile in an affordable and convenient way. The process is simple. We will take a mold of your teeth. You will then pick out the teeth shade and Snap-On Smile you like the most, and then you will return for a fitting when your Snap-On Smile comes in. You will love the simple process and the beautiful look that our Snap-On Smile provides.

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