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Hello. I'm a UCLA student, and I've been coming to Dr. A's office for about six months now, and she's a really good doctor. I mean, as a student, you know, it's really expensive to be out and trying to do—sorry, my mouth, I just got three cavities done. She's always trying to help you out and give you the best deal possible and really be there for you. And they're really nice here. Everyone at the office, they've become like family. They're always asking about me, and they know me by name. It's a really good place to be. I recommend it.

For a long time, I've been suffering for headaches combined with dizziness, mostly dizziness and heart palpitations. I would wake up in the middle of the night or even sometimes during the day at work or at home. And I would have these spells of dizziness that would range from five minutes to sometimes two hours combined with headache and pressure in my head and problems that I felt I had something going on in my heart. And as far back as three years ago or even earlier, I was going to my primary doctor to find out the causes of these pressures and dizziness and headache. And I went under tests, eye tests and head tests and an EKG with a cardiologist. They did not find the reason for my problems until Dr. Parnaz Aurasteh suggested the sleep apnea device that she tailored for my jaw. I've been wearing the sleep apnea device at night, and already I see a big improvement. My dizziness and headaches are almost gone, and I feel that the palpitations or heart problems are much easier. And I really appreciate Dr. Aurasteh's close attention to detail of how they designed the sleep apnea device for my situation.


I’ve been a patient of Dr. A’s for about 6 years. I love her service, she is very attentive and very empathetic. I have a little bit of a phobia about coming to the dentist, so she understands that and she doesn’t minimalize how I feel. So I appreciate how her staff is always very professional, and very caring and it’s a great experience

Dr. Aurasteh and her staff are very professional and friendly. She does a great job explaining all of the procedures before she does them, and I always feel comfortable coming here.


Dr. Aurasteh is the best dentist that I’ve been to. I’ve been with her for about 7 years, following her around, and she makes me feel really comfortable and my best advice is that I fully recommend her.

Dr. Aurasteh is hands-down the best dentist. I love coming here.


People don't look forward to seeing the dentist, but I do. Dr. A rocks!



I love my smile and my smile is so important in my line of work!


I have trusted Dr. A with my teeth for over 5 years. Ever since I found her, I honestly look forward to my dental visits!



I have serious dental phobia and Parnaz makes me so calm and relaxed during all my appointments...she has changed my life.


I would NOT trust my teeth with anyone else...she spends so much time and pays such great detail to everything...I feel so confident with her.



I love coming to this office, Dr. A and her staff make me feel like family. Every visit is pleasant and easy. I always leave the office with a big smile on my face!


Dr. A always listens to me so carefully and she addresses everything to the utmost detail. I truly appreciate her and I bring my whole family to see her!



My mouth has never been this healthy, and I have never been so well informed and educated about my oral health as I am now-thanks to Dr. A


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