5 Healthy Habits for National Children’s Dental Health Month

Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? To help keep your child’s smile white, bright, healthy, and cavity-free this month and every month, Dr. Parnaz Aurasteh and the team at Oral Care Dentistry offer these 5 […] Continue Reading

How Visiting Our Orthodontics Office Can Straighten Your Teeth

If you have an incorrectly positioned jaw or teeth, our orthodontics office in Beverly Hills can help. We offer a variety of straightening techniques that can completely alter and align any dental imperfections. One of the most utilized methods we […] Continue Reading

When is the Time Right for Teeth Whitening?

One day, you look in the mirror and your pearly whites aren’t so pearly or white anymore. Despite diligent brushing and flossing, fluoride treatments, and healthy habits, your teeth are showing signs of age and have a dull yellow tinge. […] Continue Reading

Does Invisalign® really work and is it necessary?

Does Invisalign® really work and is it necessary? The second part of this question is best answered by looking at the reason that people use Invisalign®. The smile is an effective and a common facial expression. It is an expression […] Continue Reading

Implant Supported Dentistry Provides Numerous Options for Tooth Replacement

Implant supported dentistry is one of the fastest growing trends among people who have lost all of their teeth. You have probably heard how dental implants can give you completely natural looking teeth on an individual basis. This is an […] Continue Reading

Cosmetic Dentist Procedures That Improve the Health of Your Gums

People typically associate a cosmetic dentist with someone who deals exclusively in the appearance of teeth. To a large degree, this fact is true. The bulk of what we do focuses on the appearance and restoring a beautiful smile. To […] Continue Reading

Get Healthy Teeth at an Early Age with Kid-Friendly Dentistry

The majority of babies sprout their very first tooth between the ages of four and seven months and don’t finish sprouting their full set of baby teeth until they reach their third birthday. Many first time parents are surprised to […] Continue Reading

3 Symptoms of a Cracked Tooth and 3 Treatments That May Be Right for You

Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in the human body, capable of withstanding years of chewing and breaking up varieties of food. However, enamel is not invincible. Chips and cracks can form, particularly in the molars, as a result of […] Continue Reading

Your Gums Can Benefit From Visiting Cosmetic Dentist, Oral Care Dentistry: Parnaz Aurasteh, DDS

As a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, we have a myopic focus on the aesthetics and appearance of your teeth. We have found that there is a case to be made for ensuring that your teeth look as good as […] Continue Reading

What Steps are Involved in a Smile Makeover in Beverly Hills?

When you decide to receive a smile makeover in Beverly Hills, we will help you determine which steps and procedures are right for your needs. The first step in any smile makeover is to visit our office for a thorough […] Continue Reading