5 FAQs About Dental Implant Placement

Posted on: August 15, 2020

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Dental implant placement is becoming more and more popular for people who are in need of tooth replacement or restoration. The procedure offers a person the ability to have a confident smile while also maintaining good oral health.

While the dental implant placement procedure is relatively straightforward, there are a lot of important elements to the entire process. In this article, we go over five frequently asked questions about dental implant placement. If you’re considering replacing or restoring teeth then you may find this information to be quite helpful. 

Five FAQs about dental implant placement

Below are the most commonly asked questions about dental implant placement. Read on to find out the answers!

1. Will dental implant placement hurt?

Replacing missing teeth through dental implants definitely won’t be pain-free, but that doesn’t mean that the pain will be unbearable. Oral surgeons and dentists will work with the patient to come up with the best pain management method. During and after the procedure, there may be discomfort, but with the right pain management tools, the amount of pain that comes with the implant placement should be controlled.

After placement, the implants may cause some soreness or discomfort but again, there shouldn’t be major pain. As the implants fuse with the bone and the wounds heal, the mouth will definitely feel some discomfort. However, this can all be managed with medications.

2. Are dental implants permanent?

When dentists recommend dental implants as a replacement solution, they often explain to patients that they are meant to be a permanent fix. However, just like with all dental restorations, there is a chance of complications in which the implants may fail or experience damage. In these scenarios, bone grafts or a complete replacement of the implant may be required.

3. How long does healing take?

Depending on the number of dental implants, the length of the healing process may vary. Each person is different but it is typically said that the healing process takes a few months. The mouth undergoes a lot of changes after implants are placed. The implant itself must fuse with the jawbone, which is a big part of the healing process.

4. Are dental implants safe?

Yes! Implants are one of the safest methods of tooth replacement because the materials are made of titanium. The body almost always accepts titanium and allows it to become a natural part of the bone structure too.

5. Who will perform my dental implant placement procedure?

A lot of general dentists are trained and certified to place dental implants, but because surgery is involved, it is important that the dentist is certified. If the patient’s general dentist is not certified, they will likely be referred to an oral surgeon who can perform the procedure.

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