What Dentists Can Tell About Your Health

Posted on: May 21, 2014

Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist


Your dentist knows more about your health than you realize. At Oral Care Dentistry in Beverly Hills, cosmetic dentist Dr. Parnaz Aurasteh, DDS, specializes in general and cosmetic dentistry procedures for patients dedicated to maintaining their oral health. Dr. Aurasteh can also help diagnose and treat a number of medical conditions with health implications that reach far beyond your mouth and smile.

Here are some unexpected things your dentist might know about you after a routine oral check-up and exam.

Will Your Beverly Hills Dentist Know You Smoke?

Can Dr. Aurasteh tell if you are a smoker? Probably. Smoking leaves telltale signs such as stains, bad breath, a film on your tongue, and even black deposits from tobacco. Moreover, smoking puts you at higher risk for gum disease, oral cancer, and other conditions that damage your teeth and gums.

Causes of a Bad Bite

When you close your mouth, do all of your teeth touch at the same time with the same amount of force? If not, you may have a “bad bite”, known to dentists as malocclusion. A bad bite may cause a sore jaw, mouth discomfort, toothaches, headaches, earaches, and general facial discomfort. Patients may even experience bone loss. Some common causes of a bad bite are:

  • A filling or crown that is too high. Dr. Aurasteh can help by adjusting your filling or crown to re-balance your bite.
  •  Teeth grinding and clenching. If your teeth are worn down, Dr. Aurasteh may ask if you may be unknowingly grinding or clenching your teeth. Many people grind and clench their teeth as a result of stress or nightmares.
  • Trauma to the teeth, such as when the tooth is knocked out or damaged during contact sports or a car accident.
  • Childhood oral habits such as extended use of a pacifier or bottle may also cause a bad bite.

Gum Disease: It Affects Your Overall Health

Dentists cannot predict the future, but they can help predict your likelihood of developing diabetes, gum disease, strokes, and other serious illnesses linked to gum disease. The best way to avoid gum disease is to brush and floss diligently, and of course, visit Dr. Aurasteh at least twice a year for your regular dental cleanings. She will examine your teeth and help you keep your gums free and clear of infection.

Pregnant women should always visit the dentist as part of their pre-conception preparations. Studies link serious gum disease with undesirable outcomes such as premature delivery and low birth weight. Should you need dental work during pregnancy, don’t worry: your obstetrician will most likely clear you for routine treatments.

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Dr. Aurasteh can help improve your overall health while also giving you a beautiful smile you will be proud to show off. If you need to visit a dentist in Beverly Hills, schedule your visit with Oral Care Dentistry by calling (310) 247-1252 today.


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