When Is It Time for a Root Canal?

Posted on: September 12, 2014

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Even the most hygienic person may not be able to stop a serious cavity from affecting a tooth. In many cases, these cavities need far more than a simple drilling. Rather, a root canal may be necessary for the sake of your tooth’s health.

While many know of root canals, people often dread them and avoid getting them at all costs. In reality, the root canal is a vital dental procedure that can help you keep your mouth in good shape for years to come. By knowing when it may be time for you to undergo a root canal, you can avoid developing more serious issues.

Symptoms of a Tooth in Need of a Root Canal

Root canals are saved for teeth that have become infected or have badly decayed. In these instances, the tooth pulp will need to be removed to prevent bacteria from spreading and damaging the gums or other teeth.

Be on the lookout for the following symptoms, which may be a sign that your tooth has decayed to the point of needing a root canal.

  • Prolonged pain and sensitivity when the tooth is exposed to heat or cold
  • Severe toothaches that are caused by chewing or applying pressure
  • Swelling and tenderness in gums near the tooth
  • Discoloration of the tooth in question
  • Recurring pimples on the gums

However, many decayed teeth do not display any symptoms. Only a skilled dentist can properly determine if a tooth has been affected and is in need of a root canal.


Finding the Right Time for a Root Canal

Because root canals remove and replace the pulp inside a tooth but preserve the root and the majority of the tooth, most of the infected tooth must still be in good condition to be eligible for the procedure. If too much of the tooth has been compromised, it will most likely have to be removed completely.


Deep decay, multiple dental procedures on a single tooth, large fillings, cracks, and other damage to the tooth can all compromise the pulp and lead to bacteria multiplying inside. By having a dentist who keeps track of your tooth health and monitors whether any cavities are progressing, you can catch decay in its early stages.


Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

Since the root canal procedure will not only clean out the infected dental pulp inside your tooth, but the nerves inside as well, you will no longer experience the pain and sensitivity that you were originally suffering. Additionally, the filling placed within your tooth and the dental crown placed on top will reinforce your once-compromised tooth.


Contact Oral Care Dentistry for a Beverly Hills Root Canal Today

If you are experiencing tooth pain and believe that a root canal may be necessary, consult Dr. Parnaz Aurasteh, DDS. Call (310) 247-1252 or contact us online to set up an appointment and find out what option is best for your health. With our help, you can put an end to your discomfort while still preserving the health of your teeth.

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