Whiter, Brighter Teeth: The best options for a perfect smile

Posted on: July 30, 2014

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Having a gorgeous, white smile does wonders for your entire face. You’ll look younger and healthier, and it’s a great confidence booster too! Unfortunately, as we age, our teeth tend to lose their brightness and stains become more apparent. Our teeth can tell our age just as well as our wrinkles.

Luckily, there are a variety of options out there to bring your smile up to par. At Oral Care Dentistry, our Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry office, we offer the best methods available. Which one is right for you?

Zoom Teeth Whitening in Beverly Hills

Our Zoom Teeth Whitening system is the latest in teeth whitening technology. It’s quick and painless, requiring only about an hour of your precious time, and follow-up visits are minimal as well. If you have only minor, superficial stains, this option will be great for you. However, if you have deeper staining, a whitening procedure alone may not be enough. Never fear, though: there is still hope for that perfect smile!

Beyond Teeth Whitening: Dental Veneers

If teeth whitening alone is not the right option for you, then you should think about dental veneers . Our Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry office offers the absolute best, in the form of Lumineers. Lumineers are an incredibly thin porcelain veneer. They require no shots and no drilling, ensuring a painless application, and once applied you will absolutely see the difference.

These veneers can give the appearance of straighter, better-aligned, brighter teeth. The porcelain is stain-resistant and durable, and can be matched to your teeth for an extremely natural look. No one will be the wiser, and you can wow everyone in your life with your amazing overnight transformation! With these dental veneers, you’ll look years younger, and you’ll be proud to show off your great smile in pictures.

Schedule Your Teeth Whitening Consultation Today

A consultation is, naturally, of utmost importance when deciding to have any procedure done. At our Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry office, your comfort and satisfaction are our top priority. Call 310-247-1252 or email us to schedule an appointment, and get ready to embark on your journey to a whiter, brighter smile.

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